I just want to tell you that we are so pleased about the progress Andrew is making with Marcy. He is approaching his mid-term and seems to be on track to finish the course by the end of this semester.

Marcy has a great sense of humour and it is wonderful to see the rapport between them. Andrew is engaged and focused during the lessons and often spends time completing units immediately after she leaves. Seeing Andrew doing homework is a pretty novel sight for us!

Andrew never thought he was capable of doing grade 11 math. Getting this credit, as you know, is critical for his attainment of his high school diploma. But getting this credit means far more than a high school diploma. School had made Andrew feel like a failure, which affected his self esteem and led him to make poor choices. I believe that the experience of progressing effectively through this course is healing. I think it will help him believe that he can succeed in future challenges.

Thank you Michael and Marcy!
— K.H., Markham
After a number of trials and tribulations in searching for an answer for Logan’s educational needs I feel we have found one! Because of Niteo, he has gained so much confidence, and not just about school - he recently interviewed for a job and got the job!

When you have struggled all of your school career, finding out that you are able to manage the work, well, that confidence really spills over into all areas of your life.

Jim has Logan engaged in his lessons and he seems to be invested in doing well. We certainly anticipate that he will be a long term high school math student with Niteo and Jim!
— T.D., Stouffville
My daughter Julia was having difficulty in her Grade 12 Advanced Functions class. She decided to drop it and take it with Niteo. Mike taught her the course material, explaining the concepts to Julia in a way that stuck. As the course progressed, her marks got better and her confidence increased. Julia did extremely well in the course and is now taking math at Queen’s University. She’s mentioned to me that she finds her math courses easier because of the work she did with Mike. Thanks Niteo!
— B.O., Toronto
Michael and Naomi, thank you for all your help. Adam is thrilled to have completed the course and couldn’t have done it without you. Great program!
— G.M., Toronto
Thank you Michael for your patient, kind and expert teaching and your skilled juggling of schedule and locations. Although the mark is great, what is even more amazing is seeing how steady and confident our son has been throughout the course and learning process. It was a HUGE improvement from Grade 9. You’re a lifesaver in so many ways!
— R.W., Toronto
My daughter’s now fearless. She tries new things. She enjoys school. She enjoys the learning process and that just relieves stress on all of us at home, especially me as her caregiver. I highly recommend Niteo. My kid went from a 58% to a 90% in math!
— F.S., Markham
What makes me happy is how he engaged in true learning. I know this will help him with future courses.
— Poleen, Mississauga