Niteo offers a wide variety of services to help you succeed in school. Whether it’s subject-specific tutoring, one-to-one credit courses, support for Ontario’s mandated e-learning courses, or a personalized unit plan for homeschooled students, Niteo’s got you covered!


Niteo Hybrid School - one-on-one high school courses

Earn high school credits for any course you want to take outside of your home school. AP courses are also available. All credits taken through Niteo are automatically added to your transcript and count toward your OSSD.


E-learning support

Get support for your Ontario e-learning courses with one of Niteo’s certified teachers. Our e-learning support package comes with an introductory class to help set the pace and an exam review session near the end of the course. Our pacing tool will help keep you on track and additional check-in sessions can be added for help with proofreading assignments or content clarification.


Elementary School Courses

Niteo is a great option for students in Grades 1-8 who are being homeschooled, either full or part time. We will provide you and your school with a detailed report card to be included in your Ontario Student Record.



Niteo provides one-to-one and small group tutoring for students in K-12. Our tutors can help with any subject, catching you up where you’ve fallen behind and pre-teaching upcoming concepts to ensure you feel confident during class time.


personalized units

Our team of experienced teachers can create personalized units and lesson plans for homeschooled students, tailored specifically to their learning preferences. All strands for math, science, social studies and language arts are available across all grades.


diagnostic assessments

Niteo’s diagnostic assessments specialize in pinpointing specific gaps in your learning. You’ll receive a full written report, outlining your strengths, as well as the concepts and curriculum expectations that you are struggling with. Our teachers use this information to bring you up to grade level with confidence.