Education in Ontario has changed dramatically over the years. Students are now able to choose where they complete individual credits—this means that they don't necessarily have to complete all 30 required credits at their school.

We advocate for a hybrid schooling experience that delivers the best of both worlds: the personalized attention of private teaching combined with the social benefits of staying in the mainstream public school system. We are neither a tutoring service nor a private school. We augment traditional school by delivering courses on an individual level with the digital infrastructure that enables students to earn their credits.

All course material is available online for students to access whenever they need. Combine that incredible convenience with a personal teacher who moves at your child's pace, and you end up with a confident, high achieving student.

Our teachers will also teach your child tips and techniques to stay focused and organized.

At Niteo, our goal is to minimize your child’s frustration with school and maximize their ability to succeed. And with flexible scheduling, we can teach your child whenever and wherever works best for your family. 

Super happy with the Niteo model for my high school daughter. Michael and his staff were able to bridge gaps left from a traditional teaching model and create a more personalized and successful learning process.
— Lori, North York, ON

Who would benefit from taking a course through Niteo?

  • Students diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD, giftedness, etc.

  • Students who have difficulty self-regulating.

  • Students who want to get ahead by earning credits faster.

  • Students with a full extra-curricular schedule.

  • Students who prefer to work at their own pace.

  • Students who otherwise need additional attention and support.

What courses do we teach?

All courses are Ministry approved and count towards your son or daughter’s OSSD. See our course list here.

I am so happy with how this is working out for my son. I think he lost all confidence and this process will serve him so well for next year. I can’t believe he had a 47% last year and is now demonstrating such knowledge!
— Melissa, Toronto, ON

What does it cost to take a course through us?

With Niteo, your son or daughter will be receiving exceptional instruction by a certified, experienced teacher. We're specialists in providing support for students with a wide spectrum of learning difficulties. Where others have failed to show the patience, compassion, and inventiveness to teach your son or daughter the joys of learning, we will do our utmost to help them succeed. You have our word.

Niteo costs about the same as tutoring. Parents tell us our fee is a bargain when they see the marked improvements in their son or daughter's confidence, academic achievement, and change in attitude towards school.

Please contact us to learn about our fees directly.

Both of my boys had the absolute pleasure of working with Mike throughout their time in high school. My older son always struggled with math, and my younger son, who had just been diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability, would have a tough time staying focused in class and following the pace of the teacher. Because of Mike’s dedication and ability to explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-follow way, both boys were able to complete all of their math courses in the academic stream. One is currently studying at UOIT and the other will graduate this year with all four math credits!
— Denise, Stouffville, ON