1. Get in touch.


You and your parent or guardian gets in touch with us to tell us where Niteo can help. This could be a course or two where you’re struggling or maybe you want to learn how to balance school with other activities in your life.

2. Meet up.

We set up an initial consultation for you and your parent/guardian in order for us to learn more about you. Here’s where we hybridize your schedule, taking in to account your academic preferences, career path, and extra-curricular activities. Together we'll determine which course you should take with us, and who your Niteo teacher will be. That way you can succeed in your core courses with Niteo and go to school with your friends for everything else.

3. Learn.

We teach you the courses you need to learn, one-on-one or in small groups. We always teach at your pace so that you can fly through the units you’ve already mastered and go slower where you need extra help.

4. Earn your credits.

Tests and exams are taken with us as soon as you feel prepared and confident. Each course you take through Niteo counts towards your Ontario high school credits.

5. Rinse and repeat.

We care about your success. You can continue to take more courses with us if you need to.

All set? Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.